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Vision and Goals

Mission and Vision

The mission of the Smithfield Public Schools is to provide an adaptive and challenging learning environment that meets the needs of students in an emerging global community, and prepares them for excellence in education and the workplace, while cultivating integrity, responsibility, digital citizenship and a sustained passion for continued learning.

Success in a 21st century classroom requires the use and integration of a variety of technology tools by both students and staff.

Students are expected to use technology to create and publish their work, as well as collaborate and communicate with others.

All educational technology initiatives must be “driven by instruction and powered by technology.”

In order for this to occur, it is the responsibility of the Smithfield Public Schools  to provide students with tools that facilitate learning anywhere and anytime and ensure equitable access for all students.

Providing students with Google Apps for Education accounts and a Chromebook to use at school and home is an initiative that is will move the district toward this vision for the 21st century classroom.


To make certain that Smithfield students are prepared for success in school, post-secondary education, career, and life in a globally connected society, it is crucial that the goals of the district’s Google Apps for Education and 1:1 Chromebook initiatives are consistent with state and national standards, such as the National Educational Technology Standards for Students (ISTE Standards S), Next Generation Science Standards,  and the Common Core State Standards. Furthermore, it is important that the goals of these initiatives are connected to the Smithfield Public Schools Strategic Plan.

As part of the Google Apps for Education and 1:1 Chromebook initiatives, students will:
  • Participate in a variety of opportunities to demonstrate the relevance and interconnectedness of their knowledge and skills.
  • Use technology tools to communicate, collaborate, create and publish their work.
  • Engage in increasingly personalized and student-centered learning environments.
  • Demonstrate and model the attitudes and attributes of a responsible digital and global citizen.